I ❤️ Sugar! And I mean ALOT!

I am a closet sugar addict. I love sugar. In any form. I am extremely lucky that I got my Nanny’s genes & have never had to struggle with weight but I have battled fatigue and lack of energy for a loooong time. I have relied on Dr. Pepper and cookies to “wake me up” at 3:00 each day. And for an hour or so it works and then I CRASH!

And now I’ve committed to this Beachbody Coach thing. People are relying on me & looking to me to be an example. God help them. However, it has been the motivation I’ve needed to work on this sugar thing. I started drinking Shakeology 13 days ago. Honestly the first few days were rough because I couldn’t quite get the consistency right and I was not noticing a huge difference. Full disclosure I had PMS that week and was spending most of my energy NOT committing homicide so worrying about sugar intake was not my 1st priority.

HOWEVER….13 days in and I actually look forward to my chocolate shaky treat each day and I realized my sugar cravings are all but GONE! Seriously. I feel better. I have more energy. And now this 21 Day Fix program is about to get delivered to my door with those little containers that will hold all I can eat for the day. And I’m guessing cramming as many thin mints as humanly possible into the “snack” container is not what they had in mind.

Nervous & excited to push myself and stick to a program and hold myself and others accountable. MORE nervous about posting “before” pictures. UGH! GoodBye Thin Mints. I will miss you.


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