How my warm-blooded butt ended up in the mountains…and a nod to my ❤️ on Valentine’s Day.

I was born in Texas. My Mom & Dad were born in Texas. Most of my grandparents & great-grandparents were born in Texas. It will always be my HOME & the comfort & familiarity of it makes me happy. Tea is ALWAYS sweet, Mexican food is a staple, people are polite and “fixin’ to” is an acceptable measure of time. I really never thought of leaving Texas until a few years ago. I don’t know if my Dad’s sudden death or just getting older made me realize that life is short and you should never miss an opportunity.

When my husband’s job offered him the option to move to Colorado I was surprised at my quick reaction. We did not have to move. We could have stayed in Texas where our family is. It would have been easy and comfortable and familiar. And that is exactly why I said “LET’S GO!” I don’t want easy or comfortable or familiar anymore. Life IS short. Take risks, jump off the cliff, go where you are afraid to go. My Dad once said “nobody gets to the end of their life and says they wish they had worked more…”

And Colorado despite your extreme lack of ability to master anything resembling Mexican food & those few days of -25 degrees that I thought my saliva would freeze & permanently glue my mouth shut, I love you. It has been the best decision we’ve ever made as a family. Texas will ALWAYS be home but I embrace my new home with open arms & all of the new adventures and friendships it has already brought to us.

I don’t really dig the cheesy holiday that is Valentine’s Day but I’m one lucky girl to have a partner in life that I like enough to follow ANYWHERE. Advice to my kids….find someone SMART & FUNNY! Good looking is nice…SMART & FUNNY is a MUST!

Take risks my friends! Go where you are afraid to go!


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