A picture’s worth a 1000 words. Or in this case just one…S**T

So tomorrow I start the 21 Day Fix program by Beachbody. I sold it to several people & we plan to keep each other accountable day to day. It’s a 21 Day workout & healthy eating program. I like what I hear about it b/c it’s really for all levels of fitness. For those that are new to exercise, or workout fanatics, for those with a lot of weight to lose or like me- just want to tone up & eat healthier.

I’m 41 years old & completely ignorant on food portions & how many servings of fruits, veggies, proteins, etc I’m supposed to eat each day. This program is sort of an “eating for dummies” thing in that it includes 7 containers of various colors that correspond to what type of food to put in each. Sounds easy enough. So here’s the hard part…


I’m not worried about the workout or really even the food since I know that I can do anything for 21 Days. It’s those pictures….those damn pictures.
So what’s the biggy? I mean a few of my friends affectionately (I think) call me a “skinny bitch”. I’m not bad for 41. I’m not overweight, I feel comfortable in workout clothes and I never thought I had a body image issue….UNTIL NOW. I’m literally freaking out over posting pictures of myself in workout clothes for people to SEE! I’ve gone round & round in my head this week about what angle I should stand at, what I should suck in, what tricks there are to hide cellulite & age spots. It’s ridiculous. I’m also fairly modest (no seriously).

So all of this nonsense made me stop & think. If I’M nervous or anxious or self conscious about this Im sure many others feel this way . There are people starting weight loss programs everyday. They struggle with losing weight, health concerns, self esteem issues and a lack of support. I also do not EVER want my daughter to feel ashamed of her body. What am I teaching her if I’m not comfortable with mine? I became a Beachbody Coach to motivate & help others. I’m finding that actually I need the help of others too. I think we all need each other…fat, skinny, tall, short…it’s all ok. Everybody’s journey starts in their own place. Mine is different than yours. I don’t think it matters from where you start. What matters is THAT you start.

So tomorrow, in all my glory I will post pictures of myself. And I will proudly start a 21 Day journey to feel better & hold myself & others accountable for their health.

P.S. Dear voters of America, One day my daughter might run for President. Please PLEASE do not hold over her head the fact that her Mom is nuts & posted half clothed pictures of herself on the Internet. Sincerely,
Madelyn Nugent’s Mom


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