For 13 plus years I have stayed home with my children full time (minus a 5 minute job I had in 2008) and been a perfectly, amazingly, exceptionally mediocre Mom. And that’s ok. I quit beating myself up years ago over not being perfect. At times the kids went a few days with no bath, ate dirt, had pizza three meals in a row and stayed up late watching Saturday Night Live. Sue me. They’re pretty good kids despite my shortcomings so…..

I love being a stay at home Mom. I wouldn’t trade one day of it for anything. I know exactly how lucky I am to stay home and have a partner who works so incredibly hard and allows me to do that. I know there are Moms that would give anything to stay home with their kiddos. I am truly grateful. However….it’s been 13 years since I wore a nice suit, talked to another adult about spreadsheets or legal documents or anything NOT revolved around Nickelodeon or Angry Birds or whatever…and I have to admit I’ve missed it at times. It would be nice to dress up and put on red lipstick & interact with people over 12. I have great friends and we go to lunch or hike or shop. And that’s great. But there’s just been this nagging voice in my head wondering if I’m too far dinosaur-ed to ever return to a wage-earning job. It brings self doubt and insecurity about whether I could even function in a work environment or carry on a conversation about current technology. I mean when I quit working Steve Jobs was a desk clerk!

You’ve probably heard me vomit all about my new job as a Beachbody Coach. I promise not to annoy you to tears with that. Today’s blog and subject matter is about working women in general no matter where you work or what you do. Women are amazing people. I love men- they are pretty cool too but when I hear the term “man up” for some reason I think of a women in 1882 giving birth with no epidural. We are truly amazingly strong people. I know a few single Moms doing it ALLLLL on their own. I tip my hat to you. You are SuperWoman!

I started working as a coach about six weeks ago. From home. In my workout clothes. Lucky girl I know. We don’t all have that luxery. It was a little step to see where my self worth was at and get a discount on products and MAYBE make a couple bucks to get my hair done. Today is payday. It’s once a week. My first paycheck was $34.00 six weeks ago & I was thrilled. I woke up this morning to a $366.00 deposit in my account for one week’s worth of work. I know it sounds piddly but it has made my day. I feel like no matter what ever happens I can do anything. I can actually do this. I’m a bit dramatic at times (shut up Patrick) but I seriously feel like I won the lottery. And it’s not about the money it’s about the empowerment of knowing you can do whatever you put your mind to.

So I am wearing red lipstick today. Because I won the lottery today. And all of you women who have worked your asses off raising kids and working and being Mom & Dad (you know who you are) YOU should wear red lipstick too! In fact~ we should all wear red lipstick EVERYDAY!


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