21 Days is a LONG ASS TIME! How a man in a wheelchair made it a little shorter for me

I feel like crap. I have a head cold, sore throat, a headache & I can’t breathe through my nose. All of this started Saturday when I had only one day left on my #21DayFix. I honestly entertained the idea of skipping my last workout. I mean who would even know? I would. So I did it. I huffed & puffed & sneezed my way through my last workout in the program.

Last weekend as I mentioned, I travelled to Los Angeles to attend a Beachbody conference. At the end of the day we all participated in a big group workout lead by Autumn Calabrese (21 Day Fix sadist…oops I mean creator). There were 700 of us there so it was a BIG workout! In the crowd I spotted a man in a wheelchair. He was going along with the workout as best he could- actually better than some of us able-bodied people. I mentioned him to my coach Stephanie & she said “oh ya, he’s a coach”. WHAT?

So this guy with no use of his legs not only lifts his entire body weight with just his arms to get down on the ground and workout…he also coaches and encourages OTHER PEOPLE? He stuck with me. In my head.

There were days in the last 3 weeks that I really wanted to skip my workout or eat a cake. Especially the last day when I was feeling like crap. And then that guy would annoyingly pop into my head. I have a cold. A head cold. It will pass and I will get better. He has no use of his legs. That will never get better. Yet he pushes on. Whatever our lame ass excuses are for not working out, not eating right, not taking care of ourselves, not quitting smoking, not making time in our day to take care of our bodies, they are just that- LAME ASS EXCUSES! I will not be defined by my excuses.

Getting in shape is hard when you are very far out of shape. It’s hard. Very hard. Getting started is the hardest part. Starting when the task ahead seems monumental is an amazingly brave feat. Just start. Today, day 22, I could have woken up and eaten ANYTHING I wanted to. I instinctively reached for a whole grain waffle and a banana. My consistent actions became habits. I want a pop tart a little bit. Just the texture maybe or the sugary taste. But guess what…that guy probably wants to walk again. “MAN UP”. Don’t be your excuses.


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