What Happens in Vegas….33 Grapes & Deja Vu

I’m headed to Vegas tomorrow. I’ve been there once before with my husband. To be honest it’s not really my cup of tea. I don’t really understand gambling, I hate smoke, I can’t stay up past 10pm anymore and my previous stay at Planet Hollywood gave us an optimal view of the pool…which was packed full of 20 year olds who had been seriously over blessed physically and were wearing strings. Literally. Strings. Awesome for this 40 year old to stare at. Great for the self esteem 😁.

So if I had to pick anywhere to vacation I’d go tropical, exotic, very few people, lush, no kids. But this isn’t really vacation. It’s work. No really. Well sort of. Beachbody Coach Summit. A once a year gathering of coaches to attend conferences, seminars, workouts & “work.” Whatever…there’s no kids…it could be held in Billings, Montana for all I care.

I’m sharing a room with two other girls/friends/coaches. For some weird reason it reminds me of cheer camp from highschool. We’d cram into the dorm rooms at SMU for a week, get up at the crack of dawn, do cheer clinics, practice, compete then go to bed after midnight. We had so much fun. My senior year a few of us even crammed 33 grapes into our mouths on a dare. Guess that proves a few of us have big mouths…not surprising. We gave ourselves the nickname “33 Grape Posse”. We were cool. No really.

I am so excited that this company and this opportunity has come to me. How crazy cool is it to love what you do and get paid for it. And once a year your company throws a massive 4 day party in Vegas for its employees. And perhaps one of the reasons I’m reminded of cheer camp is that one of the friends that’s going to Vegas was AT cheer camp with me 23 years ago!!! We might be older now but I guarantee some fun will be had. Nothing like a bunch of girls and their clothes, shoes, hair dryers, curling irons and makeup all crammed into one room. I cherish the memories from cheer camp. And I’m pretty pumped to make some new memories with my closest 10,000 friends and co workers. Here’s to adult cheer camp in VEGAS! Wow….that kind of sounds like the plot to a porno. Ya that’s not happening!




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