If you had asked me at 22 what my dreams were Im sure they consisted of “getting rich”, traveling a lot and having fun. Pretty normal stuff for a 22 year old. Im sure I would’ve thrown in “world peace” for good Karma or whatever. And honestly all four of those things would be pretty great.

In Beachbody, especially my upline’s team, people talk a lot about “Dream Boards”. It’s basically a big poster that you fill up with your “dreams”. The things you hope to accomplish over a certain period of time. I have yet to do one. Not sure why. I have it all in my head but sometimes I have this silly fear that if you put it out there in the universe for all to see then its REAL. Im pretty sure thats why posting about my husband’s brain rot was hard. Its real now that’s for sure. Truth is it always was I just was too fearful to put it out there and give it power. SOOOOO I thought about that…putting it out there GIVES IT POWER?? Patrick and I have never given Brain Rot any power. In fact, I told it to kiss my ass a few times. Ya, it’s “out there”. People know. Its public. But guess what…the universe knew LOOOONG before I posted it on a silly blog. I CHOOSE not to give brain rot power. There. It all boils down to fear.

If I don’t put my dreams on a board for all to see, for ME to see then I can’t possibly fail, right? I go on and on to my Beachbody team about getting over your fear and stepping out of your comfort zone as I hide nicely tucked behind mine. Hypocrite. So I post about Brain Rot. And I take some other crazy, scary chances. And I realize Im just as afraid as everyone else to fail. Im betting we all are.

Posting about BRAIN ROT and making it public doesn’t give it any “power”. It gives ME power. And Patrick power. And everyone who suffers from something POWER! I posted a little picture recently of Dorothy’s red slippers from The Wizard of Oz and a quote from Glenda the Good Witch…. “You had the power all along, my dear”. It’s true. Nobody can take your power unless you let them. NOBODY.

So posting about my dreams and having them stare me in the face is scary and intimidating and POWERFUL. But honestly…those dreams have been in my head for a long time. They were always there. I couldn’t hide from them. I’ve always had dreams. Maybe it’s time to give them some power. Guess I’ll practice what I preach and step out from behind my comfortable little zone.

Dreams evolve over time. I dream for my kids, their future, their happiness. I dream for Patrick and a cure. I dream for big grand things. But there’s also dreams for me…this awesome, secluded cabin by a river in Aspen, financial freedom to travel, some kick ass Manolo Blahnik’s (don’t judge I need to look cute in my mountain cabin). Mondays seem like a good day to DREAM BIG. So Im going to. And I think YOU should too. Why not? We are born little dreamers with empty palettes that life sort of fills up for us. Why not make your own palette? I know life throws some crap on everyone’s palette that you’re not expecting…trust me I know. But don’t let that crap take over your entire canvas. Paint some for yourself. Paint BIGGER than the crap, bigger than the brain rot, shit just paint right over the brain rot if you can. It’s YOUR dreams, YOUR life, YOUR palette so screw fate and take some power for yourself.

Starting my dream board. And sure there’s the whole world peace thing…yada yada yada. But seriously…have you SEEN some of those Manolo Blahniks? Let’s get real…Andy’s college fund has always been a “this might turn into bail money instead of college money fund” anyway….Im thinking black strappy with some bling!


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