Did you know that the Dallas Cowboys started as an expansion team in 1960? Did you know that they have won 5 Superbowls? Four of those I was alive to see and watched! Did you know they sell more merchandise than ANY OTHER TEAM in the NFL? Even when they have a losing season they still sell more jerseys, memorabilia and merchandise than all of the other teams in the NFL. Love them or hate them there is a reason they are called “America’s Team”.

I realize its not typical for a “girl” to love football so much. I realized yesterday when my husband said “c’mon its time to go run errands” and I responded with “but the Cowboy game is on” that I might have issues. My Sundays during the season often revolve around what time The Cowboys play. He’s from New Orleans- he just doesn’t get it! ;)-

They often break my heart, they disappoint me, I say Im done! Im over it! Im a Broncos fan now! I yell at the tv. I yell at Jerry Jones. I may or may not have a voo-doo doll in Jerry’s likeness that I stab on occasion. I storm out of the room. I ask why the hell we still hang on to Tony. “Who’s calling these plays, my grandma?” Although actually my Granny is a HUGE Cowboys fan and can often call better plays than Garrett.

But alas- broken hearted, pissed off, disappointed, fed-up me always, ALWAYS comes back next Sunday, next season, and hopes. I am a fan. I am always going to be a fan. When you are 5th generation born in Dallas you don’t have much choice.

Every single Sunday for as log as I can remember we rushed back to my grandparents house after church to catch the kick-off. I sat with my Dad and my grandpa and soaked in every bit of the games. I learned to hate the Steelers & the Redskins. I learned to love Tom Landry and Roger. Then I REALLY learned to love Troy and the Triplets. And if you don’t know who that is Im not sure we can be friends :)- And I realize that more than the game that was on the tv it was about the two men I sat next to on the couch.

There is just nothing quite like football. It is such the antithesis of what I stand for. I am all peace, love and treat each other kindly. But when it comes to football Im screaming “kill him”, “get him”, “what are you a sissy? catch that guy”. Its fairly obnoxious. Now trust me- if I had a minute with Ray Rice I’d shoot his sack off with a shotgun….especially if that was my daughter in that elevator. Keep that violence o the field…NEVER NEVER off the field. And aside from the occasional jackass most professional football players are pretty decent I suppose.

So when Fall weather hits and the commercials start (I still prefer Faith to Carrie but whatever) I get very excited. And I don’t think it matters what team you cheer for- OK it totally matters but Im trying to make a point. I remember once my Dad saying “there are Cowboy fans and then there is everyone else”. YEP. It’s really all about a Sunday afternoon and the people on the couch. It’s about escaping your tedious life, your chores, your obligations and sitting like a lump in an old jersey with a beer in your hand and acting like an idiot yelling at the tv. It’s so much more than just the game that is on.

And for those of us long-suffering Cowboys’ fans its about yesterday. It’s about weeks and weeks of disappointment and then YESTERDAY. Redemption. A glimpse at what we know to be our Cowboys. And that little sparkle of hope that there’ll be a 6th trip to the big game. How ‘bout them Cowboys!


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