I am NOT consistent. Never have been. I’ll readily admit I do not parent consistently, I do not keep in touch with friends consistently, I do not return phone calls consistently and according to the water company I do not pay bills consistently which is in direct correlation to why my husband took over paying the bills a few years back. Apparently these companies frown upon giving you services that you forget to pay for.

I have written before about how I suck at the “follow through”. I do. I start every project with great intentions and phenomenal ideas (well in my head they are phenomenal) and I can envision the outcome and the whole world is at peace. And on Day #1 I am so pumped and gung-ho with balls blazin’ that nothing short of Adam Levine walking into my path NEKKID could stop me. Stupid 20 year old model-child-wife….anyway…

I am a GREAT starter. I am a shitty finisher. This does not bode well in business. Crap. So when this Beachbody Coaching thing started I was all “cool I love working out” (I actually do that consistently-one of the few things), “i love the idea of a discount on products”, “this will be easy”, “what a cool company”, “who doesn’t want to get in shape and be healthy? this will be easy to convince people to do”. IDIOT.

My upline coach and dear friend, Stephanie, recently did a team call with her friend, Melissa, who just happened to go to my high school (Go Trojans)! Yes we were the Trojans..haha…not many jokes I haven’t heard. And you haven’t lived until you are cheering on the sideline of a football game & the rival team is throwing prophylactics at you. Good Times… anyway….Melissa said one sentence that has stuck with me for a week. I cannot get it out of my head. “I was a Monday/Tuesday Coach…Dont be a Monday/Tuesday Coach”. She found her success once she started putting as much effort into her business on Thursdays & Fridays as she did on Mondays. Holy HELL!! Im a Monday/Tuesday Coach. It hit me.

I have had moderate success with Beachbody. I’m not gonna lie. I make more money working a few hours on Monday than A LOT of people who work 40 hours a week. I am lucky. I am also an idiot. I am all crazy motivated on Mondays and can rock this business like nobody. I AM BEACHBODY….on Mondays. By Thursdays Im at lunch with Susie or Lori and shopping and checking my messages once every few hours. By Fridays Im at Wine Day Friday and Im lucky if ANYTHING gets done. If it needs to happen after noon on Fridays it ain’t happenin’. Well hell…

The one thing in my life I am VERY consistent with is my workouts. I don’t miss those. I workout 6 times per week. It is like crack to me. It makes me feel good, it boosts my endorphins, it makes me happy, it helps with energy and my abs look good. Yes Im vain- whatever. But the consistency of my workouts pay off. Seriously pays off. After 9 months of working out 6 days a week and being very religious about getting it done my body is in the best shape its ever been in. Duh. When Im tired, I workout. When Im injured, I workout. When Im bitchy, I workout. When I don’t want to- I WORKOUT. Its not an option. My health is not an option. I HAVE to be around for my kids.

So why do I treat my business differently? Why do I “Monday/Tuesday” my business instead of working it 5-6 days a week? Is it not as important to me as my health? This business, my business is HUGELY important to me. I plan on a future where my kids are secure and I can travel and get a mountain house in Aspen and buy stupid expensive artwork just because. Oh and also help the poor and all that crap but you know what I mean….

It hit me like a ton of bricks that if I treated every day of the week like Monday I might REALLY rise above “moderate” success and just bust the roof off of this thing. Wow. Im a little slow. But thats ok Im teachable…and Im learning. Consistency does not just apply to my workouts. It actually applies to EVERY SINGLE THING in your life. Every thing. You don’t get up and drive your kids to school Monday and just assume they’ll get there the rest of the week do you? I don’t let Gus out to potty only on Mondays and pray his bladder can hold for 7 days. I don’t eat once on Monday and hope that sustains me all week. I don’t tell my kids to do something once and expect them to actually do it….oh wait…your kids do things the first time you ask? Never mind, mine do too!

When the character Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins) in The Shawshank Redemption escapes from prison it is not a result of a last minute decision, a valiant effort of quick and mass execution, nor a spontaneous extra hard push to the end….it was a carefully planned, slowly and CONSISTENTLY executed action done with precision and thought and a boring ass daily commitment to something with no immediate gratification. TWENTY years. TWENTY fucking years he dug that tunnel. With a spoon. There can be no greater example of patience and consistency paying off. In freedom for Andy.

So be it your weight loss journey, your desire to succeed in your business, your relationship with your kids or parents or friends, or a book thats just difficult to get through…don’t stop. One page, one step, one smile a day seems so insignificant in the present moment. But twenty years from now you will have climbed a mountain!


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