So in the car yesterday my husband…you know the one with brain rot, says “this medicine isn’t working”. I wrote a month ago or so that our new Dr. Cool Lady Neurologist had run some very specific testing on Patrick (that apparently none of the other 5 neurologists thought to run) and found a certain deficiency in his brain. She put him on a very high dose of said vitamin and said “IT WILL TAKE 6-8 MONTHS TO NOTICE ANY CHANGES”. So in Ellis/Nugent language that translates to “you should feel totally normal in 2 weeks!”

We can’t help it. All 4 of us are that way. And I think we are not alone. Society as a whole is pretty keen on instant gratification. I know I am. When I started using my wrinkle/face cream (which I love by the way) I woke up after one use and expected to be wrinkle free and look like my 22 year old self. Ummmm…not quite. But 1 year later Im loving it. And the day after I started drinking Shakeology a year ago I expected to look like a super model and have ZERO sugar cravings. OK maybe not a super model but you know, whatever. Guess what? It took 3-4 weeks to REALLY feel the effects of Shakeology. Its taken a year to clearly feel totally different, full of energy, have better skin and hair, sleep better, etc.

My daughter is currently dealing with A LOT of health issues and injuries. She fights through it all very bravely. And yesterday on the way to one of her many doctors she said “Im not going to any more doctors unless they can fix all this…I mean what the heck did they go to medical school for anyway?” Oh Lordy…apple…tree…she is truly my child.

And my sweet, cute, ADHD inflicted almost 13 year old son….well….he came by it honestly. Trying to have patience in a world that doesn’t move as fast as you need it to is difficult for this 42 year old so you can imagine how it is for a kid. He is so impatient. Bless his heart. I may kill him before he graduates (God willing he graduates) but he just can’t seem to find the use in Math. Or Social Studies. Or science. Or English. Or school. Honestly…most days Im with him!

So I got my 1099 from the government last week before my trip. I was VERY pleased with what I made last year as a Beachbody Coach. But the glass-is-half-empty gal in me was thinking “what the crap I need/want/should have more money”. You know…because…MORE is always better! Always!

And I went to my Diamond Coach retreat in Los Angeles and got to talk to some of the other coaches who are EXTREMELY successful and been around a few years longer than me. Needless to say their 1099’s send their accountants into panic mode. But they all reassured me that what I made my 1st year as a coach was exactly what they made. Then it quickly began to compound over years 2 and 3 and WOWZA! Big money…in years like 4 and 5. And I thought for one second “I don’t want to wait 4-5 years to make MORE”. I want it NOW! I have no patience for this. Then I shuddered at myself.

What a dummy. I work with people who have a LOT of weight to lose. Like…A LOT! What if on week 3 I said “well shit Sara, sorry, you’ve only lost 3 pounds I guess its over for you and you will never lose anymore”. Ummmm… not how it works. My clients, customers, and friends who are on a weight loss journey are working their asses off (literally) and doing it one day at a time. They are consistent. They stick to a routine. They spend weeks and months grinding away at their goal. And over long periods of time with small changes they see HUGE differences. Its a marathon NOT A SPRINT!

I tend to be a “giver upper”. That person who says “well, I see a lot of hard work ahead and I’d rather go shopping than work hard”. At least I WAS that person. This past weekend with 13 amazing, business savvy women I saw first hand what HARD WORK, consistency, determination and TIME can do for your life and your finances.

So Patrick will keep taking his vitamin, Maddie will keep going to the doctor, Andy will keep doing “useless” homework and I shall keep plugging away everyday. I have a dream. I have big goals. And by God I have patience DAMNIT! Did that sound believable?



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