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    (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.
    I think we all have an image that pops into our heads when we hear the word “warrior”. Its a giant roman soldier with silver armor and he has a sword and a sense of physical strength that is visible. His size and stature define that he is BRAVE, he is STRONG, he is a FIGHTER long before and even in the absence of any words he speaks. He will defend and protect. He will fight to win. He will win or he will die trying.
    This past weekend I was given a trip to Cabo San Lucas by my upline coach as a reward for accomplishing some things in my business. So along with 30 other women who earned it also I went. And I spent 3 days learning the REAL definition of warrior. In my world, my little world I deal daily with a husband who has brain rot, the sudden loss of a Dad who was too young that affected my life in so many ways, a daughter with a chronic illness and all of the other shit that most people deal with. I can get caught up in it at times. And feel lonely. Alone. Like no-one understands and everyone around me has a charmed life with healthy spouses and healthy children and no knowledge of what its like to lose some one tragically. I am guilty. GUILTY of the self pity. The “poor me’s”. But only on occasion. I know life is too short to wallow in that crap.
    So I spent the majority of my 72 hours in Cabo on a lounge chair on a beach. Exactly what I wanted to do. And I do a lot of training. I read books on how to lead a team better, how to build a business. I watch videos on new products Beachbody has and how to optimize my potential and I learn, learn, learn. But of all the books, videos, webinars, conferences and whatever I hear…I learned more from that beach chair than all of those combined.
    I learned that a woman who’s husband leaves her and her kids alone, with no child support, no insurance and no security can pick herself up off of the floor and build a life for her and those kids- on her own. I learned that a mother of a child who has been abused can become a force to be reckoned with, an advocate for stopping abuse and a pillar of strength. I learned that a young Mom who loses her husband to an awful disease can carry on. And find humor and love again. I learned that a woman can fight cancer…and win. I learned a woman who’s husband leaves for deployment is one of the bravest people ever! And I learned a LOT about forgiveness. Maybe most of all I learned about that. And how beautiful it can be.
    I learned that armor is not always seen. Strength is not always measured in size. Weapons do not always look like swords. And bravery does not always roar. The beach was beautiful. The food was amazing. The resort was crazy awesome. The views were breathtaking. The company was by far the best part. I am forever grateful to be surrounded by warrior women.



There was a girl who never left the sidewalk. There was a girl who never colored outside of the lines. There was a girl who stood on the sidelines while others jumped. And judged them. I could’ve fallen off the curb, gotten a bad grade for the bad coloring, gotten hurt because I didn’t know what was over the cliff if I jumped. She was cautious and timid and nervous and anxious and sad. I don’t miss her.

Ive written about this before- Im sure I have. But I’m not going to go back through my blogs to see if I have because I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. When I want to write, I write. Whatever comes out. I promised myself that years ago when I started this blog…NO EDITING.
I am aware that my lack of schedule, lack of planning, lack of organization drives some people crazy…especially my Beachbody Team. God Bless them. Without Lori, Traci, Amy and a few others I’d forget my head. Grateful for amazing friends that compliment my craziness. When I decided to become a Beachbody Coach two years ago I made a DECISION. There will be NO PLAN B. My husband has brain rot. I don’t know how long he’ll be able to work. Or walk. Or talk. And there’s something about looking at your kids in the eyes and knowing…I AM THEIR FUTURE. IT IS UP TO ME…that gets your motor spinning and your pride thrown out the window. Balls to the wall or nothing at all. And that is how it has been for the most part. There are days…Lord there are days I curl up, cry, climb a mountain and want to never come down. But I do. I always do. When you’re a Mom you just don’t have a choice. And I don’t have a Plan B.
Years. YEARS I spent poo-pooing this whole “scam” of marketing and “selling” to your friends. I guess I just didn’t understand what it all was. I know I didn’t. Plus I was afraid. I have worked out to Tony Horton since 2008. I could’ve joined this Coaching gig 9 years ago. If I’d been braver. If I’d been less skeptical. If I hadn’t been afraid of taking leaps of faith. Could I kick myself for that? Yes. BUT. It has all worked out exactly how it was supposed to. A passion for fitness and helping others get & stay fit help motivate me. And the people I work with….not co-workers…FAMILY. They motivate me as well.
I spent last weekend being spoiled in Los Angeles by a company that TRULY cares about the health of this country. That knows there is no magic pill or shake or anything else that will make you healthy. Its hard work. Its getting off of your ass, moving more, eating less, and eating well. Thats it. Thats your magic pill. And I can get behind that 100%.
Now in 3 days my upline coach is treating me and a few other coaches to a weekend in Cabo San Lucas. Holy WHAT? For doing my job. I honestly think I might be dreaming some days. Unorganized, forgetful, technically challenged me…who would’ve thought it? You know who? ME!! Because I decided. I decided to jump before checking. Leap before looking. Stop worrying about the details. No one gives a shit if your pictures look perfect or your family looks all loving and sweet or your fitness is on point or if you have perfect wording or time things perfectly. No. One. Cares. You know what they care about- that you can relate to them. Thats it. I tell my coaches who are worried about making mistakes that they should be more worried about NOT making mistakes. Those that make no mistakes are never going to succeed. I make a 1,000 mistakes a day. And I own them. And love them. And learn from them.
I am absolutely no one special. No one who knows anything more than anyone else. So giving advice is a bit over confident of me. But I will anyway. If there is anything Ive learned. Anything Ill teach my kids. They’ve watched this journey first hand you know…its DO NOT HAVE A PLAN B. If you have one, you’ll know its there. Its a safety net. Its a back up plan. I no longer believe in those. At all. I know I wouldn’t be where I am if I’d had a Plan B. It is so beautiful, so freeing, to walk through life NOT KNOWING whats ahead. No plan, no spreadsheets, no time limits, no having to answer to anyone else but ME. Life is way TOO SHORT for me to be making plans ;).
Balls to the wall or nothing at all!