I aint selling shit to my friends. And I cuss too much.

Two VERY big reasons that direct sales/multi level marketing should NOT be working for me!!! I don’t know what to tell ya about why its working other than I am just ME. Beginning to end. Im honest about what works and what doesn’t and Im pretty blunt….I think you knew that. Whooda thunk I’d succeed? I think I did….
I have always been pretty blunt. If I dont like something I’ll let you know. So I started using Beachbody workouts almost a decade ago. They worked. I have never and will never do pills, drinks, or anything else to be fit. I will always and forever believe that eating well and exercise (of the effective kind) is the ONLY thing on Earth that will make you healthy and fit. So I loved Beachbody because you know…just workouts. And some eating plans that taught you to eat more protein and less sugar. Basic shit really.
But when approached about “multi level marketing” all I heard was “PYRAMID SCHEME”. No way. No how. Not happening. I aint selling shit to my friends and I KNOW none of that crap works anyway. One guy at the top gets rich and all the people below him are stuck selling crap and barely breaking even…because I knew it all. So NO. No way in Hell..
7 years of NO. SEVEN. YEARS.  Brain Rot, a move to Colorado and not knowing anyone, lots of stuff…who knows…but lots of stuff that probably led me to “Oh why the hell not”. Plus- my friend had been having more and more consistent success over 7 years. And she wasn’t in jail. Or Bernie Madoff. Or crooked. HA! Go figure.
I was reluctant though because….I cuss a lot. Im not “family-friendly” most of the time. Who would look at me as a legit business owner? Plus- I aint selling shit to my friends. So I joined as a “coach” and decided not to ask any friends or anyone to buy anything or be a coach under me or whatever. I just worked out, used the products and posted about it on social media. Then a strange thing happened. People started asking me what workout I was doing. My body leaned up, I got muscle, I got in good shape, my skin got better, hair grew faster, I had more energy. People noticed I guess. So my sales pitch was…..and I shit you not….”Im doing this 21 Day Fix crap that you do some workouts and use some containers to put your food in. The workouts are only 30 minutes and Im too lazy to drive to the gym soooo…if you want it…it’s like $140 for the entire program and these Shakes I thought would be disgusting but turns out I like them.”    DAMN….thats a good sales pitch.
And so I reluctantly became a business owner. A representative. An entrepreneur. I sold some shit to my friends! Turns out the shit was good. Amazing workouts,meal plan, Shakes, people saw results. Then asked about coaching…and a team started to build. All despite my lack of tact, business acumen, ability to “sell” and quite often not knowing what the hell I was doing and having to constantly look things up.
And I am forever grateful. Humbled, in awe, floored, financially better off, fulfilled, happy, healthy, and glad I told my friends about it. Huh. Turns out you can cuss and still be successful! I’ll be damned.

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