I want to write about Summit. I do. But Im exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally. The words are there I just cry when I try to type them. I am a very deep person. It may not seem it on the surface but I feel. I hurt when people hurt me. I love when people love me. I am grateful beyond what I can express and I am nostalgic a lot. Its a hard surface. I know that. My insides are quite the opposite.

Cheer camp a few weeks ago was emotional for me. Watching those girls. There was a particular drill they had to do where they had to carry a girl through an obstacle on their shoulders. The physical strength it took was unreal. They fell, they cried, they yelled and they had to start over several times. Many times. It was absolutely heart breaking to watch as a Mom. But they did it. They completed it. The mental struggle far out-weighed the physical. And the lesson of carrying others on your shoulders literally and metaphorically was not missed. Depending on others. Community. Team.
And so Summit follows. And just like 3 years ago at my first it was emotional. I grow so much at these events. Im lucky to have a supportive spouse who takes care of things while I can do things for me. My team. And our family. How lucky am I. And the lessons and speakers offer so much more than tips on how to build your business better. All the stories you hear of self realizations, disappointment, overcoming extreme obstacles, sadness, joy, weight loss, building self esteem….they all relate to life much more than just losing weight.
I think I may have lost my way for a bit. In my business. Maybe in my life. Its easy to do. I forgot how to forgive. And what was important. And a sweet girl at Summit and a few other transformative speakers reminded me. Im thankful for them. My biggest take away from Summit was to find my positivity and delete the negativity from my life. I hate political posts. I do. Theres nothing so divisive. And to what end? Just to make your point. I saw two posts recently. One said Donald Trump was a walking example of why abortion should be legal. And if you think thats bad the other said Hillary Clinton was a CUNT. Really. A CUNT. Say that word. What a disgusting and vile word. What if someone called your daughter or Mother that word. Its unacceptable that we treat each other this way. Words hurt. Fat, Ugly, Unimportant, Retarded, Useless, Whore, whatever it is. It is not ok. NOT OK.
So I choose to leave it. And have it leave me. I choose to focus on positive people and things. Positive posts. I have become THAT girl. My husband’s brain is rotting. I have an autoimmune disorder that is painful and disabling at times. I don’t know what my future holds. But I know I can CHOOSE how to face it. I choose positive. I choose dancing and mountain climbing and eating well and cake on occasion and travel and friends and family and concerts and love. I CHOOSE forgiveness. Theres no other option.
Thank you Taylar and Summit and the others who know who they are for helping me see what I needed to see. Truly truly grateful, blessed, lucky and full today!!

2 thoughts on “CHOOSE TO DANCE

  1. It was so awesome to see you and hang out for a while. Sorry I had to leave early and you couldn’t ride my socialite coat tails any longer…😂😂😂😂😂
    In all seriousness, it made my trip getting to see you again!! We’ll catch up when I’m out there…😊

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