I love my body now.
I love my family.
Time waits for no one.
Hiking solves everything.
The boy you think is everything in High School- you’ll forget his name.
Own a lawn chair.
Eat more chips & queso.
If you get the chance to move across the country- DO IT.
If you get the chance to move out of the country- DO IT.
Forget the new couch- go to Mexico.
Paint your nails RED more often.
If you get the opportunity to climb a mountain- CLIMB IT.
Start your own business.
Sleep really late on Sundays.
Bubble bath- every night.
Read more.
Make time for friends…and then more time.
Stay up late talking to your teenagers.
Buy the expensive shoes.
Wear Cowboy boots as often as you can.
Keep your toenails painted.
Go to Vegas. Once.
Grades are not everything.
Be in nature.
Do very scary things as often as you can.
Eat weird food.
Introduce yourself first!
If you don’t want to do something- DON”T.
Know who YOU are. Just YOU. Not wife, Mom, fitness coach….YOU.
Play your music very loudly.
Critics are just jealous and lazy.
Stand up for people who can’t. Believe in something.
Mean girls end up with no fiends…don’t worry.
Forgive. FORGIVE…even when they don’t apologize. It may be hard. Do it anyway.
Forgiveness does NOT equal weakness.
Forgiveness does NOT equal forgetting.
Trust once. Trust twice. Don’t trust 3 times.
Nobody cares about your wrinkles or extra 5 pound- go out anyway.
Wear heels.
Buy nice jeans.
Taking selfies with no makeup on at 44 is awesome. Embrace it. You earned the wrinkles & age spots.
Leap before looking…often.
Own one AMAZING black dress.
Sing Karaoke. And make it “Don’t Stop Believing’” by Journey if at all possible.
Say YES.
Eat more tacos, drink more beer, keep your promises, ignore others’ opinions, eat dessert, exercise more, laugh more, travel more, do things for YOU. Love without expecting it in return, make people smile, buy a second house. And never never never edit yourself.
Life Goes On! Life Goes On.

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