It’s been the title of my blog for almost 4 years now. And this week it saved me. This WILL NOT be a political post. Im too happy for that. But it will be a testimonial on last week. Im thinking its no surprise for me to say I didn’t really love my choices for President. Im not happy with how it turned out. Im not. But it was a HUGE opportunity for me. I got to have some amazing conversations with my kids about the things I value and what I feel is appropriate and inappropriate and standing up for people and fighting for your rights and gay marriage and all of the things that matter to me. It was an opportunity to send some private messages to some people who posted some very uncool things- and guess what? We started a dialogue. A real conversation with no cursing or name calling. And we ended with nothing but love and respect. So there’s that. And THAT’S a lot!
There was a time in my early 30’s I got very riled up about politics and people’s opinions and let my blood pressure boil over. But my husband has brain rot now. My dear friend lost her husband this past week. WAY too young. And THAT hit home. More than I can express. And its a perspective and an age and a maturity thing. SO I CHOSE to find the funny, the happy, the good.
My Cowboys are on fucking FIRE! Lord we have suffered so long. If you don’t love football (and if you don’t Im not sure how we are friends), then Im not sure you get it. But the bliss Im feeling today hasn’t been felt since the early 90’s. I am on cloud 9. When life is shitty and bad things are happening and the world feels like its falling apart…there’s football. Its simple and clear cut and it reminds me of my Dad and it makes me jump up and down and shout at the tv. And my daughter watches it with me. And THAT is everything.
And my cheer team. Our cheer team. They WON LEAGUE! Again. Defending the trophy for a second year in a row. For those that don’t know cheer- you may not get this either. This sport has more injuries than any other including football. The hours are long and intense and you do things to your body that it just isn’t supposed to do. There’s tears, blood, broken noses. concussions, surgeries, sprained ankles, set backs and times you want to give up. But they don’t. If you are afraid for our future….DONT BE. I get to witness, on a daily basis, 22 strong-willed, smart, funny, sarcastic, kind, deep-thinking, caring, emotional, sensitive, crazy awesome girls conquer the world. They get good grades, very little sleep, volunteer, cheer for every sport while not getting much support in return, are gracious in defeat ad EXTREMELY protective of each other. We’ll be fine. And on a side note- if someone fucked with them I would kill them.
I also get to share my “story” today in a group on Facebook about Beachbody Coaching. As nerve-wracking as it still makes me all this time later- its a privilege. Sharing my story has become a bridge to people I never would’ve had contact with before. Its become a way I cleanse, my therapy, my outlet, and a by-product of that is the people I reach who send me private messages of gratitude and thanks for sharing. It is an honor. I think my story stopped being “MINE” a long time ago.
So last week I fell back on funny. This week I choose to as well. Im not making light of any situation. I don’t make light of making sure people have basic rights and are equal. I’ll fight to the death for that. No joke. But in a world with brain rot, auto immune disorder, friends losing loved ones, I choose to eliminate the ugly from my line of sight right now. Call it selfish, call it naive, call it turning a blind eye. I just call it survival.
Love, Peace & Light.
Dave Chapelle- SNL, watch it!

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