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This Skinny B!tch is Pissed

So the news has been inundated with this controversy over the GAP Model that is “too skinny”. This story pissed me off so bad I needed a day or 2 to think before I wrote about it. She is skinny. VERY skinny. So am I. I am thin. ALWAYS have been. I have the same body shape as my grandma. Same genes. It’s funny that this story coincides with me finishing the Three Day Refresh (cleanse) from Beachbody. I have a lot to say. And you may not like it but Im gonna say it.

The following were just a few of the thousands of tweets that The Gap got for featuring a thin model……

Seriously, @Gap? In what world do people look like this? Perhaps you could select models who represent regular gals & not a skeletor ghost.

@Gap @AndreaKcc Doesn’t the Gap feed it’s models? Seriously she looks ill. Please use healthy looking women in your ads next time.

@Gap that girl needs a cheeseburger

.@Gap This. Is. Not. Okay. Model seriously underweight; promotes unhealthy thin-ideal PLUS normalizes look of #anorexia. I’m #notbuyingit

Now replace the references to being “skinny” with “fat”. Not OK! NOT OK!

Last I checked I live on this planet…and I’m skinny. Social media has had many positive aspects. And some very negative. It gives people a place to hide behind a keyboard and spout mean things off at others that they don’t even know. The tweets above are horrific, sad, mean, hateful, cruel, insensitive and immature. I do not debate your right to free speech. You are allowed to say these things and think these things. I am allowed to respond. My daughter took my “before” picture the day before I started my Three Day Refresh. My husband saw them and said “babe, you cannot put those online and talk to people about losing weight…you’re already thin”. Well I assured him TheRefresh is not about losing weight its about cleaning the toxins out of your body and starting over with a clean eating program. But it made me stop and question my pictures. He did nothing wrong. He’s my husband and Im pretty sure he’s ok with how I look 🙂 More importantly…IM OK WITH HOW I LOOK!

I think his fear was how I would make other people feel who have a weight loss journey ahead of them. I get that. But now Im questioning myself. Why am I afraid to put my pictures online? Is there something bothering me about me? Well….no! Thats the weird thing. Ive written before about body image at my age. I am more confident now at almost 42 with my “old” body than I was at 24 with my perfectly in shape, never had babies, no wrinkles, no cellulite body. I just am. Comfort in your own skin comes with age. I like it. So I was going to post my pictures and screw what anyone else said about me or judged about my body. Whatever. Then I wake up to this Gap Model controversy.

This chick is SKINNY. I mean skinny. She has boy boobs (like me) so it makes her look even thinner. But guess what? There are skinny people in the world. There are naturally, genetically skinny people in the world. They are born that way and believe it or not THEY EAT. Sure theres the people that have eating disorders. Bulemics, Anorexics, Overeaters, Gluttons, a plethora of disorders are manifested through food abuse. But some of us are just fucking skinny. When I was 8 I went to trick or treat dressed as Dolly Parton. I idolized Marilyn Monroe. Those hips and curves and boobies were soooo pretty to me. It was MY personal view of what physical beauty was…..all the things I’d never have. Thankfully I had great parents and good self esteem and was perfectly fine with my boy boobs and little booty. But there were mean people who said a few things to me over the years… “do you eat?” “are you anorexic” “skinny bitch” “eat a burger”. I blew it all off and really just ignored it. When others call you names its a sign of insecurity on their part.

But this model looks to be very young and I don’t know if she has great self esteem. I hope she does. I hope she ignores the haters. I hope she’s comfortable in her skinny skin. She’s pretty just the way she is. As is every OVERWEIGHT person. We were all born with different shapes and sizes. I believe firmly (in my line of work) that we are to treat our bodies as temples (Buddhist ones of course 😉 ) and feed it only healthy things and exercise. You only get one body- TREAT IT AND FEED IT RIGHT! I eat healthy. I exercise. Im thin. And in what world would it be ok if people accosted a fat person in an ad on tv? We would all be up in arms…as we should be! It’s just not nice to make fun of someone’s body. It’s just NOT! Stop for one second and think if that was your daughter people were making fun of. Im sure every single one of those 1,000 tweeters who wrote hateful things to that girl have perfectly proportioned bodies…Im sure they do. But I don’t. And most of the people I know don’t. So on behalf of her and every skinny-ass girl, fat girl, tall girl, short girl, big-boobed girl, no-boobed girl…just be YOU. Be the healthiest version of you that you can be. Judgement is a human thing- we all do it. We are often our own worst critics. But even if JUST for today be proud of the body you have. And screw the haters!! 😉


A 41 year old Breakthrough- I kinda like my body

I don’t know why we women are so hard on ourselves & in particular the way we look, our bodies, our hair, our physical appearance in general. From my point of view men do not judge themselves as harshly as us women do. I could be wrong…maybe they do and they just hide it well. I don’t know, I’m not a guy. What I am is a 41 year old woman who has really had a breakthrough.

I look back at pictures of myself when I was 21 and I have one regret: WHY WAS I NOT NAKED MORE? Ok not exactly naked (or nekked as us Texans say), but why oh why did I hide my figure so much? Maybe it was the style back then to wear baggier clothes. More likely it was my insecurity with my own body. And WTF dude? My body was great at 21. If I could go back I would slap my 21 year old self and say ” girl trust me this is as good as it gets body-wise. Flaunt it, wear shorter shorts, it’s ok to walk in a bikini in front of people.” But I wouldn’t have. Because at 21 I might have had the best body I’d ever have physically but I was far from the best mind I’d ever have.

Working out a lot lately and taking body measurements for my before & after pictures has been a real eye-opener. No one…I mean NO ONE loves posting pictures of themselves half naked for people to see and judge. Even this skinny bitch. I think it’s just an issue we women have. It’s biological or societal or something- we just always compare our bodies to those of others and feel less. Just less than perfect, less than pretty, less than THEM. You know THEM- the perfect bodied girls.

And my breakthrough: As I was contorting yesterday on the ground in some crazy position Tony Horton had me in….wait that sounded funny. Tony Horton was not in my house I’m doing P90X3 as my current workout program. OK anyway I was nose to belly button in the boat position & was forced to stare at my belly for 30 seconds pretty closely. I saw a glimpse of my C-Section scar where I was rushed into surgery to extract a 9 pound human boy from me 12 years ago. Yes. I said 9 pounds. And if you can imagine what a 9 pound kid and 42 extra pounds does to a tummy it ain’t pretty. But it is! It means I gave life. After many miscarriages and heartbreaks I got 2 healthy babies so I’m grateful for the stretch marks & big scar. Another consequence of that big ass baby was a herniated umbilical…MINE. I had to have surgery to rebuild my belly button. The scar is quite visible. I also have what I lovingly refer to as my tricep purses. It’s just a little extra skin that when I wave it waves also. It reminds me of my grandma and I’m ok with that. I could go on. We all could. Little stretch marks here and there, a few cellulite bumps, some freckles…we all have our stuff. BUT…my 41 year old self is different from my 21 year old self. And I swear, hand to heart, I wouldn’t go back. I wouldn’t trade my perfectly imperfect, 41 year old body for anything. It’s got character- character that I earned. I may have had a great physical body at 21 but there’s something to be said for having the years behind you and knowing more. I am not LESS than. None of us are. And I pray & hope my kids know that of themselves too. Your body does A LOT for you. Especially us women. It nourishes you and protects you and incubates life and gives birth and does all sorts of amazing things. Take care of it and love it and be proud of it. I am. Finally.



A picture’s worth a 1000 words. Or in this case just one…S**T

So tomorrow I start the 21 Day Fix program by Beachbody. I sold it to several people & we plan to keep each other accountable day to day. It’s a 21 Day workout & healthy eating program. I like what I hear about it b/c it’s really for all levels of fitness. For those that are new to exercise, or workout fanatics, for those with a lot of weight to lose or like me- just want to tone up & eat healthier.

I’m 41 years old & completely ignorant on food portions & how many servings of fruits, veggies, proteins, etc I’m supposed to eat each day. This program is sort of an “eating for dummies” thing in that it includes 7 containers of various colors that correspond to what type of food to put in each. Sounds easy enough. So here’s the hard part…


I’m not worried about the workout or really even the food since I know that I can do anything for 21 Days. It’s those pictures….those damn pictures.
So what’s the biggy? I mean a few of my friends affectionately (I think) call me a “skinny bitch”. I’m not bad for 41. I’m not overweight, I feel comfortable in workout clothes and I never thought I had a body image issue….UNTIL NOW. I’m literally freaking out over posting pictures of myself in workout clothes for people to SEE! I’ve gone round & round in my head this week about what angle I should stand at, what I should suck in, what tricks there are to hide cellulite & age spots. It’s ridiculous. I’m also fairly modest (no seriously).

So all of this nonsense made me stop & think. If I’M nervous or anxious or self conscious about this Im sure many others feel this way . There are people starting weight loss programs everyday. They struggle with losing weight, health concerns, self esteem issues and a lack of support. I also do not EVER want my daughter to feel ashamed of her body. What am I teaching her if I’m not comfortable with mine? I became a Beachbody Coach to motivate & help others. I’m finding that actually I need the help of others too. I think we all need each other…fat, skinny, tall, short…it’s all ok. Everybody’s journey starts in their own place. Mine is different than yours. I don’t think it matters from where you start. What matters is THAT you start.

So tomorrow, in all my glory I will post pictures of myself. And I will proudly start a 21 Day journey to feel better & hold myself & others accountable for their health.

P.S. Dear voters of America, One day my daughter might run for President. Please PLEASE do not hold over her head the fact that her Mom is nuts & posted half clothed pictures of herself on the Internet. Sincerely,
Madelyn Nugent’s Mom