Be Funny

Holy cow here we go…..disclaimer: This writer is often politically incorrect, offensive, and insensitive. I also have grammar & spelling issues but I went to Stephen F. Austin State University….where proper grammar was not necessarily a prerequisite for graduating. So bite me.

I come from a long line of sarcasm. I can’t help it, it’s genetic. My Mom taught Highschoolers for a reason….she would have scared the snot out of little kids. My sarcasm started early and I’m sure it was off-putting to some. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to tone it down a bit. But just a bit. And sadly the gene has firmly been planted in my daughter. And if you’ve ever had a 13 year old girl you know that mixing sarcasm in with the already mush pot of raging hormones, boys, friend drama, homework and downright awkwardness is just a JOY. (See there it is…sarcasm), but I know she can’t help it. And it is here that I feel obliged to insert a general apology to my Mom. I’m sorry, Karen. There that should cover QUITE A BIT.

Sarcasm is not always bad. I use it as a coping mechanism. For me I have an inability to find the appropriate emotion or reaction in some situations so I always FALL BACK ON FUNNY. It’s my “go-to”, my safe place, it allows me to not dive deep into some awkward emotion I don’t want to feel and it USUALLY lightens the mood of those around me. And it’s ok. I have had quite a bit of what you’d call tragic or sad events to deal with in my life. A lot of people have. And I know I could have spiraled in quite a different direction but I’m just not wired up that way. I always assumed I was a glass half empty kind of girl, a pessimist, a realist, quite pragmatic. But it turns out I’m quite happy. So sarcasm fits me, it works for me….except when it’s spewing from my daughter. That’s when a brief moment of pride is followed by a shot of anger….”awwww look she’s like me”…..” Oh CRAP she’s like ME!”

So here I go…on a mission to completely humiliate myself and my family in writing for alllll of the public to see. Oh and ALSO to start a business. I am a new Beachbody Coach. I sell products such as Shakeology and workout DVD programs (such as P90x) to people who need motivation, positivity, and someone to encourage them on their journey of fitness and health. Because when you think Jennifer Nugent you think MOTIVATOR, POSITIVITY, ENCOURAGING….. Oh lord. 😳

Shameless plug…I really do love the products. Check me out:

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