I was cleaning my room and going through clothes that I don’t wear anymore this morning. I have a lot to get rid of. I’m downsizing. SOON. Obviously I was playing music while I cleaned. Eric Church’s “RECORD YEAR” came on. And I listened to all of the words. For those who have followed my blog for years- you know music is very important to me. VERY. I’ve written about how my parents played music all through the house ALL the time. My Dad’s “system” was the center of the living room- not the tv. He also had a radio in the garage that was on all the time.


I know people have their preferences in music. Some hate country. Some hate rap. Some hate classical. I actually, really, honestly DO love it all. Music is life to me. Music is a memory that when a certain song comes on your gut gets tight and your face changes and your heart FEELS all that happened when that particular song became what it became to YOU. The nostalgia that envelops you with a song can be overwhelming. Can take you back somewhere- somewhere sad, somewhere lonely, somewhere beautiful and exciting. SOMEWHERE. Music takes us away.



I grew up with Skynyrd, Zeppelin, Joplin, The Beatles, The Stones, U2, John Denver, Merle, Willie, Cash, Kristofferson, Pink Floyd, Bob Segar, Kansas, George Strait, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Garth Brooks, Cat Stevens, Eazy E, The Beastie Boys and so much more. And I love it all. Ive been known to belt some Britney, dance to Bieber, sing very loud to Timberlake and bounce to Travis Scott. And I don’t really care what anyone thinks of that. I am BEYOND grateful for the love of music my parents instilled in me. My Mom was a little softer, my Dad a little bit rock and roll. I cannot, CANNOT imagine a house without music anymore.


As I build my cabin and work on the electrical planning I am shopping and researching how to have a whole house system that sounds good. In fact- any advice from my friends who know a lot about sound systems would be appreciated. I think my home has been without music too long. WAY too long. I fear I haven’t instilled the same love for music in my kids. I want louder music. More music. Music all the time. And my new house will have it.  The music is more important to me than the rugs I choose, the appliances or the paint color.



I think music, like a good hike in the woods, can fix a lot of shit. I think it’s really that simple sometimes.


For every person Ive been to a concert with, small or big, tiny bar or big stadium, country, rock, pop, all of it…for each of you- please know that those songs, when I hear them, remind me of you. Stevie Nicks, The Eagles, Zac Brown Band, Charlie Robison, Taylor Swift, John Denver, LIVE, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Vanilla Ice, Salt n Peppa, Bruce Robison, The Dixie Chicks, and the million more I cant list….memories that warm my heart.


So if you know a boomin system that’ll be great for a small cabin with very high ceilings- hook a sister up. And tell me your favorite song below.


For Charlie- who can no longer sing…but sang enough to change my life.


“Your leavin’ left me goin’ crazy
I’m countin’ on a needle to save me
I drop it in the groove
And we go ’round and ’round
And down in a spiral
I guess I really oughta call and thank you
I rediscovered Red Headed Stranger
Got down with old James Brown
And found New Grass Revival
If you find your way back, I owe you a beer
For my record year”- Eric Church








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